Partner with us to spread the love… of coffee.

If you are a mobile coffee cart or a coffee truck providing coffee catering, we welcome you to join us!

We receive requests from organizations and promoters across the U.S. looking for coffee catering for upcoming events.

We welcome you as a espresso catering partner who will handle coffee catering bookings in your area!

To become a partner, you must:

  • be an authentic mobile espresso bar business with at least 1 year experience offering coffee catering to organizations on location.
  • provide three referrals from organizations who have used you for coffee catering.
  • provide 8 photos from past coffee catering events.
  • have a social media presence with followers.
  • be current with your catering licenses and/or permits.
  • be able to provide a certificate of insurance when the client requires it.
  • have a professional coffee cart setup and professional barista staff.
  • be willing to tweak your menu if necessary.
  • be willing to go unbranded if required by the organization.
  • maintain positive reviews after each catering event.
  • pricing structure and booking handled by us.

How it Works

  1. Once approved, we will start sending you booking requests whenever we receive a request in your area.
  2. We will give you the opportunity to accept or reject the booking.
  3. If you accept, we will confirm the booking and accept a deposit from the organization.
  4. Once the deposit is secured, we will pass along the contact information for the organization to you to begin discussing logistics.
  5. After the event, you collect the balance due directly from the organization.
  6. Once we confirm the organization was satisfied with your service, the deposit is sent to you as well minus the 10% booking fee.
  7. If the organization was not satisfied with your service, no further payment is made to you and you are removed from our partner list.

Cost to Participate

Initial Setup Fee: $59.00
Covers business verification & setup.

Booking Fee: 10%*
*Minimum booking fee is $49. We do not collect a fee on your gratuities.

Our Event Pricing

Most espresso businesses do not charge enough for their services. A mobile espresso bar is a premium service and we believe it should be billed as such. Once you are registered as a partner with us, we will provide pricing. Our baristas average $80 – $140 per event. Our managers average $180 – $400 per event.

Our standard espresso bar includes:

  • cappuccinos to order
  • cafe mocha
  • caramel macchiato
  • cafe americano
  • hot cocoa
  • hot teas
  • espresso shots

Join Us!

We reserve the right to reject your application if we determine your business is not a good fit.

We reserve the right to modify terms and pricing.

No guarantees you will receive referred business.

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